About SS Public School

S.S. Public School, run by SUMER SINGH MEMORIAL EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY registered with the State Govt., under the societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, has been functioning in Faridabad since 2004. The teaching of various subject from classes Nursery, onwards is non-mechanical. The concepts of the subjects taught in the school are made clear to the children in a manner that they get interested in these subjects.

The school has the right atmosphere to teach the children and enrich their growth. They learn through their personal experience, curiosity, capacity to do a work and their sensitive response to the environment, which the school Endeavour to make secure and familiar. Besides stimulating them, encouraging them, generating self-confidence in them and above all making them feel relaxed, the school also claims to take personal care of each and every child.

The School is moving towards new and wider horizons. It is our increasing endeavour to provide the best in school education as well as in sports. Annual Sports and Cultural Functions are a regular feature of the school and provide a panoramic view of the achievements of the school in different co- curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Our goals and priorities are well set and very clear in our minds. A team of dedicated persons both of the management and the teaching staff is working day and night towards its goals and we have no doubt in our mind, given your goodwill, co-operation and blessings, we will be able to achieve our goals.

In short S.S. Public School represent a modest effort in taking initiative to impart education in an innovative an unconventional manner.

Our Vision & Mission

Vision is to serve our community by inspiring acadmic excellence and building good character

Mission is to provide better education,to discover their hidden talents , to motivate the students to be physically and mentally healthy.

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